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WizzAirSucks receives $564 bill from MediaTemple (but receives offer for FREE t-shirt!)

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First, the bad news: Last month received a $564 invoice from MediaTemple our hosting service (or approx. 3200% over the usual bill of $17.00).

The good news is they offered us this cool T-shirt!!! WOW!!!

Thank you for your reply.

With the (gs) Grid-Service, you are allocated 2,000 GPUs per billing cycle. I suggest taking a look at your GPU tool in the AccountCenter to see if you can make adjustments to prevent your account from going over your allotted GPUs in the next billing cycle. For more information regarding GPU usage, please visit the following pages:

Grid Hosting FAQs: Grid Performance Unit (GPU)

Understanding the GPU tool

As a courtesy, we can offer you one of our cool new t-shirts free of charge. For a detailed guide on reducing your GPU usage in the future, please see the following article:

How do I reduce my GPU usage?

Please keep in mind that we were able to notify you of your potential overages prior to your server using additional GPUs.

If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us by replying to this support request, or by calling us at 877-578-4000. We are here 24/7 to assist you.

Best regards,

####### (name omitted to protect the guilty)
Customer Support @ (mt) Media Temple

* T-shirt may or may not have been a figment of the author’s imagination.


Confidential phone number and other contact information LEAKED!

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In what is being hailed as the largest scandal in Wizzair history, one of their employees mistakenly exposed hidden and highly confidential Wizzair information.

The email was accidentally sent to a customer instead of it’s intended recipient, another employee two cubicles down.  The email contained unrequited correspondence from several irate customers which was forwarded along with a crude hungarian folk tale involving pizza and a leper  after which was a joke about the absurd nature of customer demands and the foolishness of them expecting “a response.”

However the email was mistakenly misdirected and sent to the customer.  This in itself is against Wizzair’s strict policy of “non-interference” regarding all customer emails.  This is the second only known email ever sent to a customer.  The first one was “lost,” but is rumored to have contained several large words and some inane details.

Neatly tucked away at the end after the Wizzair employee’s musings were a phone number and an email address.

The most elusive phone number in Europe has been revealed.  If you have any missed flights or have been stranded in some remote corner of Europe you now have a chance!  Call now before it is disconnected. UPDATE: The phone number was redirected immediately after this article to an automated call center in Dubai where you are inundated with Punjabi Techno and forced to pay €1 per minute for the pleasure.

Customer Relations Department

Wizz Air Hungary Kft.

Member of Wizz Air Group

BUD International Airport Building 221

H-1185 Budapest

Fax:     +36 1 239 6280



Completely screwed by Wizzair, a love story

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A love story

My son has lived and worked in Poland for 18 years and lives in Wroclaw. He is happy in Poland and we have therefore visited him regularly. Flights in the period have gone from infrequent to now regular. However in all those years of going back and forth we have never lost the idea that at every opportunity we are taken for a ride. Yes the much travelled and very fair mind British taxpayer is seen as easy meat.

I want to make the latest case something of a test case for the Government to finally take some sensible action. My son booked online a flight with the Hungarian based airline WIZZAIR who fly direct from Luton to Wroclaw, very convenient.

Seasoned traveller on this route he knows that the safest, quickest and cheapest way to travel is with hand baggage only, so we purchased smaller cases fit for that purpose and have used them successfully and continuously over many years without too much trouble, using a variety of airlines including WIZZAIR. In fact the baggage in question was used by my son on his way to the UK with the same airline.

My son booked his flight to Wroclaw for departure last Monday 30 January it was schedule to take at 08.05 from Luton. For some technical reason he could not print his boarding card and therefore it was necessary for him to queue up and go to a check in counter. He did this and at that counter the landing agent checked his bag for weight and size and told him it was ok to take as cabin baggage.

it would be helpful for you to know that had he checked this bag in online to go into the hold it would have cost him £13. If the check in attendant had said the bag must be checked in because of size or weight restrictions then it would be £26.

However my son knew his bag was ok to take on board [having done so on many occasions].

The actual flight was delayed for two hours and he did note that no one seemed concerned to get on with the departure when he was finally called forward. He did note that there was quite a lot of bags being carried [some people had more than one bag] Most of the bags seemed larger than his and when he got close to the gate he heard an adjoining Easyjet flight announcer say “our flight to ——— is experiencing larger than normal number of hand baggage items, if you wish to come forward and volunteer to check in your bags we will take them free of charge. Later investigation confirmed by Easyjet said that this was a policy if there was little room left in the cabin and it eased boarding. However on my sons flight there was no such intentions by the gate attendants. My son was pulled out with three other males [all travelling on their own, and all on one way] and told in no uncertain manner that his bag was not able to fit in the cabin lockers and must be checked in. My son protested making the point that he had travelled with this bag with WIZZAIR before, he had been cleared at check in, the size of the case had not changed between the check in counter and the gate. But the attendant was having none of it. My son was told it would cost £52. When he asked the alternative he was told that he would be refused entry on to the flight. Pretty much feels like they target individuals who have no alternative but to pay. He had £55 in change or an expensive card transaction to undertake. He offered the cash and was told that they did not give change at the gate, when he asked for a receipt it was met with “we do not have much time” but happily he stood his ground.

I wonder for a family who did not have that money! what would they do?

Anyway I made a claim on their website facility and the red type face below is the first reply


thank you for contacting the Customer Relations Department.

Please be informed that should Passengers’ hand-luggage not meet the requirements appointed by our General Conditions of Carriage, section 14.1.6 of our GCC is applied:

“14.1.3 You may carry only one piece of Hand Baggage per passenger the weight of which does not exceed 10 kilograms and the size of which does not exceed 55x20x40 cm. These dimensions include wheels, handles and side pockets.

14.1.6 Should your Hand Baggage not meet the requirements defined in this paragraph 14.1 (especially the restrictions regarding the quantity and the weight of the Hand Baggage), Wizz Air reserves the right to refuse the carriage of your Baggage as Hand Baggage. In this case Wizz Air will carry the Baggage as Checked Baggage in consideration of the payment of the handling fee for Checked Baggage. Should you fail to pay the fee, Wizz Air reserves the right to refuse your carriage and/or the carriage of your Baggage. Wizz Air hereby excludes all liability for damages arising from such refusal.”

Please note that Passengers must be aware of these conditions as our General Conditions of Carriage has to be accepted during the booking procedure. Should Passengers not accept these conditions, the reservation cannot be finalised and confirmed. By Passengers ticking the box and accepting our GCC, our Company do assume reasonably that Passengers make their reservation in accordance with these conditions. What is more, the same information is printed on Passengers’ boarding pass as well.

Our Company maintains the right for the ground handling agents to check the measures of Passengers’ luggage with the example frames placed at the gates due to safety reasons. Please mind the fact that the room in the storage compartments on board are limited.

In conclusion, due to the reasons mentioned above, as your luggage was unsuitable for carrying it on board, the agents acted appropriately in accordance with our GCC; therefore, you are not entitled to have the baggage gate fee refunded in this case.

Thank you very much for your understanding. I consider your case to be settled.

We look forward to welcoming you on board soon.

All the best,

Zsolt Bojti

Customer Relations Department

Wizz Air Hungary Kft.

Member of Wizz Air Group

BUD International Airport Building 221

H-1185 Budapest

Fax:     +36 1 239 6280



Unsurprisingly I was not best pleased with this reply and so wrote again to the respondent

In common with your airlines practices you have totally ignored what was written, and the matter is most definitely not closed.

you stated

Our Company maintains the right for the ground handling agents to check the measures of Passengers’ luggage with the example frames placed at the gates due to safety reasons. Please mind the fact that the room in the storage compartments on board are limited.

In conclusion, due to the reasons mentioned above, as your luggage was unsuitable for carrying it on board, the agents acted appropriately in accordance with our GCC; therefore, you are not entitled to have the baggage gate fee refunded in this case.

if this is the foundation of your policy and reasons for excluding my son XXXX XXXXXX from taking his case on board can you

  1. explain why we have pictures of larger cases being taken on board?
  2. explain who you conversed with at Luton to substantiate the conclusion you came to?
  3. have you actually seen Mr XXXX XXXXX’s case?
  4. can you please explain why the girl at the check in desk said the case was fit to fly in the cabin?
  5. can you confirm that your gate staff are in fact incentivised to collect charges? be very careful to be truthful on this one

I thank you for your answers to these questions which in the circumstances are not unreasonable

in your replies you need to consider


It is grossly ignorant of you to simply dismiss this case and I want it escalating to a higher authority.

Your without prejudice


As a result the same person made this reply


thank you for your kind reply.

Please be informed about the followings. Should you have any further questions after this, please do not hesitate to contact me. Our Department wishes to be at your service should you have any doubts concerning your case.

Please note that the questions asked in your first letter is noted as ‘I/x’ and the questions asked in the second letter are noted as ‘II/x’.

I/1.: I can inform you that it is possible for Passengers to have their hand-luggage checked at the check-in desk. Having read your message, our Department assumes that the agent at the check-in desk confirmed that the weight of your hand-luggage wass acceptable in accordance with section 14.1.3 of our General Conditions of Carriage. Should you not have located your hand-luggage into the frame positioned at the check-in desk, it is assumed that the agent’s confirmation did not concern tha size of your luggage as it is measured with the frame. Please note that it is a possiblity that Passenger has his luggage checked-in at the check-in desk if he finds that this step is necessarry due to the oversized nature of the luggage. Please also note the agent at the check-in desk cannot predict the exact decision of the agents at the boarding gate as on the way from the check-in desk to the boarding gate Passenger may locate something into the luggage or can take items our of it. BUT THIS NEVER HAPPENED AND NO WEIGHT CHECK WAS MADE AT THE GATE- IT WAS ARBITARY

I/2.: I can inform you that the actual size and weight of the luggage matters at the boarding gate. This is due to the fact that some pieces of luggage may be smaller when it is empty than the size when it is packed due to the nature of the material it is made of. Therefore, our Department assumes that sending the luggage to our Department is not necessary in this case and will not affect our decision. As a consequence, our Department relies on the decision of the ground handling agents who saw the actual size of the hand-luggage at the boarding gate. THIS MEANS YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU LIKE & YOU DO

I/3.: Again, I can only refer to the answer in I/2. as the size of the luggage may alter due to the nature of the material the luggage is made of. IT IS AT MOST 300 METRES FROM CHECK IN TO DEPARTURE GATE, ARE YOU SAYING THE CASE GREW IN SIZE – MY ONLY REMARK CAN BE – STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES

II/1. As for your assumption of discrimination, I can assure you that our ground handling agents do their bests in order that our General Conditions of Carriage is applied to all our Passengers. In this case, we are really sorry to hear that you were not pleased with the service of handling agents at the airport. THIS IS A CHANGE FROM YOUR FIRST REPLY AND YOU IGNORE THAT THE HANDLING AGENTS ARE NOT CARRYING OUT THE POLICY AT ALL AND IT IS YOUR POLICY

The handling agents at the airport who should represent Wizz Air but are actually an external company,HERE WE GO A BODY SWERVE, WHO BANKS THE MONEY TAKEN FROM PASSENGERS AT THE GATE  were obviously not doing their duty as it should be expected SO YOU AGREE IT WAS A MISTAKE. Low cost airlines rarely have their own “representatives” at the airports IRRELEVANT THE CONTRACT IS WITH WIZZAIR AND THE MONEY IS PAST TO WIZZAIR. We rely instead on buying services from an agent operating at the airport, training them and providing them with a long and detailed set of rules. Unfortunately, we have limited means for controlling how they apply our rules. Please accept our sincere apology for the inconveniences caused by the uncomfortable situation.SO YOU AGAIN ADMIT THAT THERE WAS A MISTAKE

We are doing our best to keep their service levels as high as possible to fit our dedicated standards. Acts of similar behaviour will be met with appropriate consequences. All necessary step will be taken – on a general and a personal level alike – to keep similar inconveniences from happening in the future.WHAT ON EARTH DOES THIS MEAN IT IS LIKE WE WILL MAKE YOU DO AND PAY WHATEVER WE THINK FIT WITHOUT WARNING

II/2.: Again, I can only refer to my previous answer. Our Department relies on the decision of the ground handling agents at the airport YES AND THE CHECK IN GIRL SAID OK BUT THEN SHE ALSO KNOWS YOU CAN DOUBLE YOUR MONEY AT THE GATE. Our Department cannot overrule the decision of the agents at the airport without any hard evidence by Passenger which supports that the measures of the hand-luggage did in fact allign with the attributes appointed by our General Conditions of Carriage. Therefore, our Department did not assume the necessity of further investigation with the airport.

II/3.: Again, I can only refer to my answers given in I/2. and II/2.

II/4.: Again, I can only refer to my answer given in I/1. and I/2.

II/5.: As I stated in my previous message, our Company does maintain the right for the ground handling agents to check the measures of Passengers’ hand-luggage. One of the reasons for this is that the ground handling agents are to have our General Conditions of Carriage. The other main reason for this is that the room in the compartments on board are limited.NO NO NO THIS IS NOT THE CASE IF YOU LOOK AT EASYJET THEY WOULD TAKE CONFORMING HAND BAGGAGE FOR FREE IF THEY THOUGHT THE OVERHEAD LOCKERS WERE GOING TO BE FULL Should such regulations be not obeyed, numerous safety issues would emerge due to the limits of the room of the compartments on board.

Our Department would like to offer our assistance in this case; therefore, should you feel that further investigation is to be progressed, please be so kind as to send the receipt regarding the payment at the boarding gate and any official report (written or validated photo) confirming that your luggage met the requirements set in section 14.1.3 of our General Conditions of Carriage. Otherwise, I regret to inform you that, as no further investigation can be progressed, our Department considers your case to be settled.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

All the best,

Zsolt Bojti

Customer Relations Department

Wizz Air Hungary Kft.

Member of Wizz Air Group

BUD International Airport Building 221

H-1185 Budapest

Fax:     +36 1 239 6280



Wizzair Veteran Speaks Out

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self_deception_lumenI will paraphrase the beginning of this message because I think the context can be applied to all positive comments that miraculously find their way to our holy shrine dedicated to the customer service that is Wizzair.

Damian Galvin:

[To all of those who post "I love Wizzair" comments to this site:] You either work for the airline or don’t get out much. Firstly, it costs 1 euro per minute to call them & they deliberately stall you to at least 15 mins. Secondly, it is always always not in your interest financially to do anything at all with any tickets, It is almost always just as cheap to throw the ticket away than to adjust it. I just tried 3 mins ago to move an Xmas flight in 23 days to a month later & the change-cost was 70gbp, but a completely new ticket cost 71gbp! I would not mind but the original ticket cost me 125gbp for that leg, & wizz render it useless but charging me basically a full replacement cost for a new date,

So far I have flown wizzair 33 time, with 12 more flights booked up for the next 4 months & I can promise you, it is not possible to get any sense out of them at all. If you call them, you pay, if you email, you get dummy replies.

I had a flight from Cluj to London & London to Cluj in March. Paid, done dusted. 4 weeks later, a week before the flight, I received a confirmation email. 10 mins later, a conflicting email to say the London return flight returned to another airport 1 hour away, T Mures. I ignores the mail as a phishing email looking for me to log in. Every 2 days, I received both emails again. One confirming all was as orig plannned & another right behind it saying I had to log in & confirm a change. 4 times this happened in the week upto the flight. so I went to cluj at the outbound time & they could not tell me. So I flew to London & there I discovered the move was genuine, so I returned to a diff airport & hada 1 hour, 50 euro taxi to get back to Cluj, to my car. It has taken preceisely 8 months & 44 emails for Wizz to accept that they changed AFTER my booking was made (41 emails said it was obviously stated at the time of booking & that I must have accepted that condition, until I asked for proof of date change, which showed 30 clear days between my booking & their venue change!) Now, they’ve offered me 100 ron as an apology, but I only ever wanted an apology saying yes, we changed teh venue after you booked & yes, we send conflicting emails contradicting each other.

So please, don’t tell people its all very simple & they should have done this or that. You try it first & come tell us how pleasant & expensive it was. Not everyone wants to take hold luggage, for speed, so how can it be ok for wizz staff at all those airports & not ok in Germany!!! They train at the same training school, use the same size gauges & load the same planes. If its ok in Italy, its ok in Germany! Simple. So, your useful suggestion to those guys is not so useful!

The positive comments supporting wizz are a bit suspicious to me. Wizz is a very polished airline if things go well, but as soon as they go wrong, the CS is crap, & very expensive. & to the guy who says he flies 2x per month, big deal, me too. 8 actually if you count a return as 2 journeys. Other airlines are not the same, no even close. Wizz gives crap exchange rates on currency spent on board, have expensive customer service & your tciket change costs that render the original one valueless. I just hope you guys get to share some of these experiences

How to reclaim your lost Wizz Air funds.

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mouse-trap-with-money-300x199The number 1 post on our Wizz Sucks forum is “how do i get my money back.”  So I thought i’d address it in a post.

The only way to reclaim money from Wizzair is directly from your Credit Card provider.

You can usually make a disputed claim online, or at worst, you’ll have to write a letter.  You can usually find the details of disputing a charge on the back of your monthly statement.

The best credit card provider for this is American Express. – No longer accepted, ostensibly AMEX pulled the plug on Wizz Air.

Credit Cards are generally good at giving your money back if you didn’t take the flight and say they didn’t follow through on their various terms of service (ie they stranded you in some random airport, or deleted an entire flight route the day before your vacation) which is what leads 90% of people to this website.

Wizz Air has an extremely poor reputation with credit cards, so they are usually eager to help in your plight.  Trying to get your money back from Wizz Air directly is not possible.  I have “heard” of only one such person who was successful, and it has yet to be confirmed.  Contacting Wizz Air by email is pointless beyond description.

You’ll get a series of canned responses such as “We’ll get back with you in 30 days” followed by an indeterminate amount of time which far exceeds 30 days by several months, then you might get a canned apology and denial regardless of your claim or it’s merit.

The end result can only be described as an exercise in futility which only Kafka could fully appreciate.  Their phone numbers are all approx. €1 per minute, if they work at all.  If you paid thru bank transfer or debit card, you are out of luck.  We suggest finding religion.  It might not help get your money back, but it might just numb the pain if only slightly.

If you have gotten your money back or have a similar experience please share it with us by commenting directly on this post!

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Wizz Air top pick for next round of bankruptcies

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bankruptAccording to a recent article by the Slovakian newspaper Ekonomika,Wizz Air may not be long for this world. “In November 2009, it emerged Wizz Air is significantly loss making and has never made a profit while delaying the pay back of €32 million of debt by five years. Losses since commencing operations total €78 million, which has fueled suggestions that the airline may file for bankruptcy.

Or are Slovakian’s simply angry at Wizz Air’s recent contract dipute ending with it’s halted plans for a new hub in Bratislava?  We think perhaps both.

While attempting to hasten SkyEurope’s demise late last year, Wizz Air boasted it had been “profitable for several years.” However, as a private company it is not required to publish its financial accounts.  This proved quite convenient while it was busy hammering in the nails of SkyEurope’s coffin.

Not buying it?

Speculators don’t seem to think so, either.  After the collapse of Flyglobespan in December 2009, Wizz Air was rated the European airline most likely to next go bust.

This was according to a firm of bookmakers whose only agenda is making money. It put odds on the bust at 4 to 1.

See the entire list here:

Is the end near?  You decide, in our newest poll.

To speculate further, one of the more common posts appearing on our own forum these days is “Why doesn’t my credit card work???”

” I could not get my visa card accepted when I tried to pay for my Wizzair tickets. No explanation, so I asked my bank. They said that they will have no dealings with Wizzair because of the amount of fraud associated with the company. That’s encouraging, as I subsequently paid by credit card!
Incidentally, why is it that I am being dumped at a strange airport an hour’s drive away from the one I paid to arrive at, on a Sunday, with no train service to my destination and no shuttle bus arranged? Couldn’t they have told me this before I booked?”

Wizz Air sucks reports Geometric growth similar to Madoff’s ponzi payouts

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Having received 8,380 visits this month, we’d like the thank Wizz Air. Our success is their failure. They continue to be a mediocre airline, provide an inferior service, and lack Customer Support altogether. This month we celebrate our first birthday! We survived a year of legal threats, demands, and eventually a legal battle. They lost, despite having a superior legal team, and vast amounts of money. Wizz Air limps on… for another day.

But for how long?

Wizzairsucks Founder issues an Open-Letter to József Váradi offering peace

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Having been unable to leavpeacee his room for the past 9 months for fear of corporate reprisal and shear & overwhelming lack of a budget airline to carry his person across state lines. The Wizzairsucks founder has written an open-letter stating his wish for an armistice to his Wizzair counterpart József Váradi:

Dear Josef,

I would first like to apologize for casting aspersions toward yourself regarding your prospects for entrance to the kingdom of heaven in our latest poll.  This was childish and unfair.

That aside, I am still saddened by your reluctance to contact me directly, either personally or through various corporate vassals. To date I have only had indirect contact through your legal apparat and an ongoing Wikipedia edit/reedit freenzy.

I would like to suggest we cast aside our differences and attempt to form a more perfect union. Wizzairsucks has had its day, it has come and gone. It is true, we have become the defacto customer service for Wizzair, however, due to my own ineptness and lack of time, I am unable and unwilling to continue in my current capacity.

Let us stop the hate, simply.

I have spent these 9 months sitting alone in my room unable to find a decent budget airline to escape my European enclave. The death of Skyeurope deeply threatens my social prospects and I have had to curtail certain deviant liaisons of late.

I would like to suggest a truce.

  1. Return the money to my parents for the two flights not taken from Dortmund <-> Lviv as well as compensation for the subsequent and forced overnight train journey
  2. Write a simple (just short of heart wrenching) apology to them for their negative experience and ensuing plight
  3. Apologize to me for the unnecessary domain arbitration
  4. Compensation for the 1 week of work on the 96 page legal opus I was forced to prepare in my defense
  5. (Optional) Sensitivity training for Dortmund employees to refrain from demeaning and all-in-compassing statements such as “This is Germany, this is not Eastern Europe… ” and “I don’t know [in italy, romania, czech republic] maybe they don’t know how to follow the [wizzair] rules”

If you agree to the preceding terms, I will throw down my arms… and retire Wizzairsucks onto the spike and oblivion of history.

In the defense of wizzair… no dogs, no tear gas… only natural tears

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Fact or Fiction?


From our forum: “My girlfriend from London had to visit me in Ukraine last Friday. The plane by Wizzair arrived late. They boarded passengers flying to Kyiv, but then decided it was better for them to fly to Poland, so they asked everybody to leave, though neither London nor Kyiv airports were closed! Many Ukrainian passengers refused to leave the plane, so they used police with dogs and tear gas to get them out!!! They didn’t have tickets till the end of the year and refused to pay for hotels. With such attitude I will not be surprised if they go bankrupt. I hope it happens very soon! Wizzair sucks!”

Wizzair cries foul… citing and as co-conspirators… (since the story broke on our forum citing an article on

It is impossible to believe either tear gas or dogs were released onto a plane full of people.  Even if true, it says more about the police’s tactics than anything to do with the airline.  Wizz Air does suck, they have terrible customer service, dreadful colors and are more likely to issue legal demands than apologies or explanations.

That being said, they are not evil.  As the lead critic of Wizz Air we try to offer biased but true statements of malcontent with their service and have no room for false accusations.  We will be removing comments about this incident, unless those persons can substantiate their claims.

Wizz Air has enough problems without the need to conjure up new ones.

Wizz Air allegedly upsets the Wikipedia neutrality balance.

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Frequent wikipedia deletions have sparked a recent discussion over Wizz Air’s Customer Service record.

From Wikipedia:

Service Quality to be mentioned here?

The text about Service Quality is frequently deleted, by anonymous users (i.e. only an IP address available). The text however is fully in line with the Wikipedia standards. It is civil and neutral, respects all points of view, and is verifiable and factual.

This page to stimulate a discussion on the Service Quality text, for those who feel need for it. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Eugene9 (talkcontribs) 17:05, 12 July 2008 (UTC)

I do believe Service Quality should be mentioned! Probably the people deleting it has an interest which is in conflict with the public interest. Will re-add the articles they deleted. Servicemind (talk) 16:34, 8 April 2009 (UTC)

Wizz Air is well known in trying to curb their image, now Wikipedia is upsetting their balance.  Recently added to Wikipedia is a Criticisms section citing many of their now well established methods of conduct:


Wizz Air has taken a fair amount of criticism since its inception over its quality of service and allegedly poor customer support. On August 17th, 2009 they filed an official complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization over the domain which surfaced a few months earlier by a group of disgruntled customers. [21] Despite the efforts of Wizz Air and their legal team citing trademark infringement over the disputed domain, the case was decided in favor of the respondent(s) and the site remains. [22] On December 22nd, 2009 they were embroiled in a controversy over a story that circulated from [23] claiming they used police dogs and tear gas to forcibly remove several passengers from a canceled flight scheduled from London to Kiev. This was contested by Wizz Air claiming it was a PR attack perpetrated by angry customers of the flight. They released a police report corroborating their version of events which clearly made no mention of either tear gas or dogs being involved in the ordeal.[24] However the story quickly circulated over the internet by disgruntled customers causing a PR problem.

How long until this too is erased?  See our legal section for more on WizzLegal’s attempts to kill  Is this the price tradeoff for decent customer service?  How much in legal fees does Wizz Air pay?  Is a staff of moderators to edit wikipedia and other forums with positive and glowing feedback easier than basic customer service?