Wizz Air sucks reports Geometric growth similar to Madoff’s ponzi payouts

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Having received 8,380 visits this month, we’d like the thank Wizz Air. Our success is their failure. They continue to be a mediocre airline, provide an inferior service, and lack Customer Support altogether. This month we celebrate our first birthday! We survived a year of legal threats, demands, and eventually a legal battle. They lost, despite having a superior legal team, and vast amounts of money. Wizz Air limps on… for another day.

But for how long?

5 Responses to “Wizz Air sucks reports Geometric growth similar to Madoff’s ponzi payouts”

  1. wizzair flyer says:

    folks, if you hate this company so much, why don’t you fly with other (non low cost) carriers? try regular companies, big names, and pay almost two or three times more for a ticket. i really don’t see your point, honestly. i can understand that you’ve had some unfortunate/miserable experiences, but it goes the same way with major players – anyone remembers what happened last winter on paris cdg, for instance? so, stop whining and complaining and face the facts – you pay about one third of the price you would otherwise pay to a large operator, you can carry as many checked-in luggages you want (each of 32 kilos), but you don’t get that crappy food. bottom line, if you don’t like it, change it – no one forces you to fly with them. period.

    • Dymond says:

      For some destinations there is no other choice. They are the only direct flight to some locations from some places.

  2. Magyar Csaba says:

    You are truly pathetic. Wizzair has done what many other airlines have never done. It has brought flying home to millions of ordinary people at affordable fares, with an extremely generous luggage allowance of 32kg. What is your problem? Which other arline do you think would do this for so many? Try taking 32kg with Ryanair or British Airways and see how far you get. Duhh.

  3. wizz air sucks says:

    what you two morons don’t understand is that YOU PAY for a service which is not delivered in many situations. case in point, I BUY a 32 kg luggage and THEY LOSE IT. absolutely no type of info from the company, because their idiotic magyar staff does not even speak english.
    if you pay for sth, be it 5 cents or 5 million dollars, you expect to receive that service.

    • Dymond says:

      I agree with you. The vendor chooses the price in return for the service indicated. From that point on they are obliged to provide the service as advertised. Failure to do so breaches statutory rights in most civilised countries.

      So legislators in most countries also agree with you.

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