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Wizzair is a thief! by John

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Wizz Air is a thief. A booked and paid ticket to Lviv for 17 May 2009 was cancelled by email 28 April. Not a word to explain why. No refund. No replacement flight. Mails to Customer Services bounce. Premium phone lines are not answered. Wizz means “Wizz your money”. Avoid at ALL cost!!

Wizz Air review by R Edwards

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I have never flown Wizz Air and never intend to. We tried to fly from Tirgu Mures (Transylvania) to Budapest. First, out flight was delayed 8 hours. We returned to the airport at the appointed time, check our luggage, got our passports stamped, then waited and waited. Plane never came. No one gave us any information. I finally called , waited on hold, and an agent told me that 100 percent a plane would come. None did. We could not leave to take any other transportation because they had our luggage and passports were already stamped. We had to go back through immigration finally to leave the airport – no other flight for 3 days! We took a train, but had to travel to another City to do so. Now Wizz Air refuses to refund our ticket. So much for a discount airlines – this is costing us a lot more than any flight!

Wizz Air review by D Pattison

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Zagreb – London Luton. Passengers boarded with 20 minute delay. Passenger taken off the plane. One hour delay announced. After five hours two completely different information – call center operator no 1 – passengers will start boarding any minute, call center operator no 2 – flight is not cancelled, it is technically just delayed. Come back tomorrow morning at 5 am. Flight scheduled for 8.00 am. Wizzair did not organise hotel accommodation, transportation for passengers. Couple of small kids present – around 3 years old. No Wizzair representative at the airport. Airport Zagreb did not take over the initiative to help passengers. Wizzair does not have a phone number on their web page where passengers from Croatia can call. They had to contact their friends from UK – a friend has spent 150 GBP to find out latest information which was anyway a complete lie made by call center people, who can hardly speak English. A typical customer ignorance. The airplane took of at 4pm next day – with 24 hours delay. Wizzair manipulated the passengers, airport staff and simply has put on the same plane passengers from 2 different days.

Wizz Air review by B Zemljic

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Arrived at Wroclaw airport Friday 18th – flight to Luton cancelled. No Wizzair staff at airport. No explanation, no information. By the time we got seen, last flight to any London airport that day had left. Offered (if room) seats on Wizzair Monday, or pay 1800 (£450) for 2 tickets Ryanair to East Midlands that day. Took tickets and were assured would get refund from Wizzair. No offer of food, hotel, phone calls – as stated in their documentation. No warning of cancellation – again as stated. Got claim form from airport staff – but looking at details, only applied if we get a Wizzair flight – even though their Conditions of Carriage say that an alternative Low-cost carrier is acceptable.