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Wizz Air review by A Warrington

// May 5th, 2009 // No Comments » // feed, frontpage

Luton-Zagreb-Luton. Free seating scrum like no other, but anyone can pay £5 to sit in one of the 12 over-wing emergency exits. You are also invited to pay another £5 for priority boarding which you may or may not be given. Usually on time, but no contingency plans for flight delays or passenger care when things go wrong. There are no Wizz staff or agents in Zagreb and the Wizz air crew only seem to have lip service for the airport. You can call a premium rate customer service line in Hungary for flight information (if you get through). Zagreb airport staff have heard it all before and treat Wizz passengers like unwelcome guests. Apparently Wizz are supposed to have taken delivery of new A320 Airbus jets, but most of the seats seem to be from another aircraft. Friday 11th April 2008, they delayed the plane for 20 hours in Zagreb telling passengers that the aircraft had been struck by lightning. 17:00 became 20:00 which became 22:00 however the crew had left hours before. The airport told us to be in the airport at 06:00 the next morning for a 08:00 departure, but the crew did not turn up again until 10:00 when they haggled with ground staff over catering costs and landing fees until mid afternoon. My suggestion to anyone thinking of flying Wizz is that this airline is best suited to the very young and/or the very poor.