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WIZZ AIR review : 13 May 2009 : by S Engel

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I advise you not to fly with this company. We had a multiple bad experience with Wizzair. Our flight from Budapest to Eindhoven had a 6 hour delay. We were given no information about the reason for the delay and me and my husband suspected a technical problem. According to wizzair regulation we were entitled to rebook for another flight. But when we tried that, we have found out that we have to pay the other tickets ourselves. After coming home I have tried to get my money back. The reply came after 2 months! And the money was sent via an account of some agency despite I have provided two accounts of our own to be repaid directly. I am still waiting to see if I will get any of my money back. Hope this comment would save someone losing time, money and nerves with Wizzair. For us it was definitely the first and the last time flying with Wizzair.

Unhappiness in Paris… left for dead.

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Not for the first time, budget airline Wizzair has pissed on (happiness is a worn pun) its customers by canceling a flight and leaving them to fend for themselves for the night. Around 80 Hungarian passengers were left stranded at Beauvais Airport in the wastelands outside Paris last Wednesday after their flight was pulled due to some technical fault or other. The travelers were forced to stay the night but received only a food coupon worth €4.

Wizz Air review by D Pattison

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Zagreb – London Luton. Passengers boarded with 20 minute delay. Passenger taken off the plane. One hour delay announced. After five hours two completely different information – call center operator no 1 – passengers will start boarding any minute, call center operator no 2 – flight is not cancelled, it is technically just delayed. Come back tomorrow morning at 5 am. Flight scheduled for 8.00 am. Wizzair did not organise hotel accommodation, transportation for passengers. Couple of small kids present – around 3 years old. No Wizzair representative at the airport. Airport Zagreb did not take over the initiative to help passengers. Wizzair does not have a phone number on their web page where passengers from Croatia can call. They had to contact their friends from UK – a friend has spent 150 GBP to find out latest information which was anyway a complete lie made by call center people, who can hardly speak English. A typical customer ignorance. The airplane took of at 4pm next day – with 24 hours delay. Wizzair manipulated the passengers, airport staff and simply has put on the same plane passengers from 2 different days.

Wizz Air review by B Zemljic

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Arrived at Wroclaw airport Friday 18th – flight to Luton cancelled. No Wizzair staff at airport. No explanation, no information. By the time we got seen, last flight to any London airport that day had left. Offered (if room) seats on Wizzair Monday, or pay 1800 (£450) for 2 tickets Ryanair to East Midlands that day. Took tickets and were assured would get refund from Wizzair. No offer of food, hotel, phone calls – as stated in their documentation. No warning of cancellation – again as stated. Got claim form from airport staff – but looking at details, only applied if we get a Wizzair flight – even though their Conditions of Carriage say that an alternative Low-cost carrier is acceptable.

Wizz Air review by Iwona Kohanek

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A regular traveller between UK and Eastern Europe. Do not expect information about delays and cancellations until the last minute – there is no way to speak directly to Wizz staff and the only way to contact them is via e-mail to customer service – even then, don’t expect a reply! Take your own food – the onboard catering is a disgrace! The ground service varies massively between countries and on the aircraft. Taxes and surcharges – make sure you factor them in, they are excessive on Wizzair compared to easyJet. The low fares of the first 2 years are gone now – check regular carriers such as LOT and BA for similar priced tickets with advantage of mainstream airports and facilities. Its one of the new breed of low-cost airlines so expect to pay heavily for any extra’s such as over baggage allowance / food / drink etc. etc.

Wizz Air review by Tim Jones

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Luton to Budapest – just before check in for homeward journey from Budapest and after already rescheduled delay by 2.5 hours, flight cancelled, no explanation, no assistance of any kind, (Wizzair main offices are next door to airport), and left to own devices to get home as next day flight offered was already full. After paying out for another carrier to get us back to East Midlands airport, only option, then had to travel most of the night on coaches to get back to Luton to collect car. After several emails and fax and 2 calls to premium rate call centre we still have had no response of any kind. This flight was way back on Feb 18th. Our extra return costs worked out more than the whole weekend break. They seem to have no customer service level or skills at all, and it seems do not appear at all bothered. If things run to plan they are just there, but if things go wrong, beware.

Wizzair No Show

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We showed up and waited, and waited and waited, …..

Finally some baggage people were going for coffee and they said “Neema” (means no more, not going to happen, not today, not ….)

So no plane, no phone call in advance saying no plane, no e-mail saying no plane and no hand written sign saying, sorry folks, you’re out of luck. Any of which would have saved us and others at least an hour and a half.

Some people left to go get a train but the direct train had left while we waiting for the flight. (How rude on WizzAirs part!)

This is really, really tacky. Really bad service. If they have to cancel they could at least post a hand written sign or e-mail to say the flight is to be cancelled.

In the discussions that followed no one would say why there wasn’t a flight, just that there wasn’t one.

Some of the people there had driven fours hours to get to the airport on time. (We had driven about an hour and a half.)

Two thumbs down for WizzAir.

….. SC

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