WIZZ AIR review : 13 May 2009 : by S Engel

// May 14th, 2009 // frontpage

I advise you not to fly with this company. We had a multiple bad experience with Wizzair. Our flight from Budapest to Eindhoven had a 6 hour delay. We were given no information about the reason for the delay and me and my husband suspected a technical problem. According to wizzair regulation we were entitled to rebook for another flight. But when we tried that, we have found out that we have to pay the other tickets ourselves. After coming home I have tried to get my money back. The reply came after 2 months! And the money was sent via an account of some agency despite I have provided two accounts of our own to be repaid directly. I am still waiting to see if I will get any of my money back. Hope this comment would save someone losing time, money and nerves with Wizzair. For us it was definitely the first and the last time flying with Wizzair.

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