Send us your letters…

The only response from Wizzair you’re likely to receive is:

“Please note that due to a temporary resource problem it may be more than 30 days before we are able to answer your letter.
If your request is of an urgent nature (eg. if you need an answer before a flight date that is drawing close) or if you have a question or request regarding a specific reservation you are advised to call one of our Call Centres (http://wizzair.com/about_us/contact_us/?language=EN) as we may be unable to answer an urgent request in time.”

If you read the above and replace “30 days” with “forever” and “urgent” with “We don’t care” then you have an accurate reply to any letter you may send them.  Please, if you have a complaint, send it so us so we can post it.  At least this way, it might be read by someone, even if they don’t work at Wizzair.

It is also possible to call Wizzair… for a reasonable fee of 0.95 cents per minute ~1 euro.

See our fees section for a break down of their invisible & capricious fee structure.

Please use our Forum section for letters also.