Wizzair No Show

// April 27th, 2009 // letters

We showed up and waited, and waited and waited, …..

Finally some baggage people were going for coffee and they said “Neema” (means no more, not going to happen, not today, not ….)

So no plane, no phone call in advance saying no plane, no e-mail saying no plane and no hand written sign saying, sorry folks, you’re out of luck. Any of which would have saved us and others at least an hour and a half.

Some people left to go get a train but the direct train had left while we waiting for the flight. (How rude on WizzAirs part!)

This is really, really tacky. Really bad service. If they have to cancel they could at least post a hand written sign or e-mail to say the flight is to be cancelled.

In the discussions that followed no one would say why there wasn’t a flight, just that there wasn’t one.

Some of the people there had driven fours hours to get to the airport on time. (We had driven about an hour and a half.)

Two thumbs down for WizzAir.

….. SC

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