In the defense of wizzair… no dogs, no tear gas… only natural tears

// January 25th, 2010 // frontpage

Fact or Fiction?


From our forum: “My girlfriend from London had to visit me in Ukraine last Friday. The plane by Wizzair arrived late. They boarded passengers flying to Kyiv, but then decided it was better for them to fly to Poland, so they asked everybody to leave, though neither London nor Kyiv airports were closed! Many Ukrainian passengers refused to leave the plane, so they used police with dogs and tear gas to get them out!!! They didn’t have tickets till the end of the year and refused to pay for hotels. With such attitude I will not be surprised if they go bankrupt. I hope it happens very soon! Wizzair sucks!”

Wizzair cries foul… citing and as co-conspirators… (since the story broke on our forum citing an article on

It is impossible to believe either tear gas or dogs were released onto a plane full of people.  Even if true, it says more about the police’s tactics than anything to do with the airline.  Wizz Air does suck, they have terrible customer service, dreadful colors and are more likely to issue legal demands than apologies or explanations.

That being said, they are not evil.  As the lead critic of Wizz Air we try to offer biased but true statements of malcontent with their service and have no room for false accusations.  We will be removing comments about this incident, unless those persons can substantiate their claims.

Wizz Air has enough problems without the need to conjure up new ones.

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