Wizzair Veteran Speaks Out

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self_deception_lumenI will paraphrase the beginning of this message because I think the context can be applied to all positive comments that miraculously find their way to our holy shrine dedicated to the customer service that is Wizzair.

Damian Galvin:

[To all of those who post "I love Wizzair" comments to this site:] You either work for the airline or don’t get out much. Firstly, it costs 1 euro per minute to call them & they deliberately stall you to at least 15 mins. Secondly, it is always always not in your interest financially to do anything at all with any tickets, It is almost always just as cheap to throw the ticket away than to adjust it. I just tried 3 mins ago to move an Xmas flight in 23 days to a month later & the change-cost was 70gbp, but a completely new ticket cost 71gbp! I would not mind but the original ticket cost me 125gbp for that leg, & wizz render it useless but charging me basically a full replacement cost for a new date,

So far I have flown wizzair 33 time, with 12 more flights booked up for the next 4 months & I can promise you, it is not possible to get any sense out of them at all. If you call them, you pay, if you email, you get dummy replies.

I had a flight from Cluj to London & London to Cluj in March. Paid, done dusted. 4 weeks later, a week before the flight, I received a confirmation email. 10 mins later, a conflicting email to say the London return flight returned to another airport 1 hour away, T Mures. I ignores the mail as a phishing email looking for me to log in. Every 2 days, I received both emails again. One confirming all was as orig plannned & another right behind it saying I had to log in & confirm a change. 4 times this happened in the week upto the flight. so I went to cluj at the outbound time & they could not tell me. So I flew to London & there I discovered the move was genuine, so I returned to a diff airport & hada 1 hour, 50 euro taxi to get back to Cluj, to my car. It has taken preceisely 8 months & 44 emails for Wizz to accept that they changed AFTER my booking was made (41 emails said it was obviously stated at the time of booking & that I must have accepted that condition, until I asked for proof of date change, which showed 30 clear days between my booking & their venue change!) Now, they’ve offered me 100 ron as an apology, but I only ever wanted an apology saying yes, we changed teh venue after you booked & yes, we send conflicting emails contradicting each other.

So please, don’t tell people its all very simple & they should have done this or that. You try it first & come tell us how pleasant & expensive it was. Not everyone wants to take hold luggage, for speed, so how can it be ok for wizz staff at all those airports & not ok in Germany!!! They train at the same training school, use the same size gauges & load the same planes. If its ok in Italy, its ok in Germany! Simple. So, your useful suggestion to those guys is not so useful!

The positive comments supporting wizz are a bit suspicious to me. Wizz is a very polished airline if things go well, but as soon as they go wrong, the CS is crap, & very expensive. & to the guy who says he flies 2x per month, big deal, me too. 8 actually if you count a return as 2 journeys. Other airlines are not the same, no even close. Wizz gives crap exchange rates on currency spent on board, have expensive customer service & your tciket change costs that render the original one valueless. I just hope you guys get to share some of these experiences

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  1. NOT a wizzair worker says:

    Jeez mate you complain a lot… I’m not here to protect wizzair, but it seems to me, that you cant use common sense you just whinging instead.

    First of all: you can easily obtain the Hungarian landline phone no. for wizzair CC from this site. Than you can call them for FREE from a voip application.

    Second: I call them a lot and I have never waited more than 3-5 minutes. But I’m sure they’re picking on you and stalling you for 15 mins every time on purpose… C’mon… Of course when there is a f*ckup like snow or ash, use common sense and expect delays…

    Third: If you recieve emails containing conflictive info (4 bloody times!!!) maybe you could take the initiative the either give them a call or be prepared for landing at another airport. Probably the confirmation letter was an automatic message and I guess CR cant do nothing to call it off. And because they let you know the change well in advance, you get no compensation. I mean why would you? And have you ever thought of taking a bus or a train instead of a taxi? I guess not…

    Fourth: For the 123456789th time: Groung handling staff not to be confused with Wizzair staff. If you would be that experienced traveller as you say, you should know that… Wizzair has no control over them. And just because at one airport the GH staff doesnt give half a rats ass about size it doesnt mean it is not over the limit and it definetly doesnt mean that other airport’s GH will let it go.

    The problem with you people, that you dont seem to understand the basic principle behind low-cost flying. You have to play by their rules or you have to pay. Simle. Read the T&C’s and be prepared. Dont change the flight dates or if you do be prepared to pay for it good. Dont go over the carry-on luggage limit, dont panic if your flight has benn delayed, cancelled, diverted. It is all part of the ‘deal’. And if you are unhappy with these simle rules, use a national carrier. Or do yourself a favour: keep flying wizzair, and whenever you make a booking check the price with a nat.carrier. Than write it down, keep track of it. And when it comes to paying 50 or a 100 euros ‘because wizzair sucks’ just look at that list and see that you have still saved 100s of euros :))

  2. Oly says:

    I totally agree with the comment above. You say you flew so many times with them, and you still don’t know the rules. You pay shit all for shit all service. Thats the point of Low Costs Services.

    I flew them few times now, and trust me I feel way better in WizzAir than in RyanAir. All tho I prefer flying with National Airways in winter since theres always something somewhere in the world thats gonna screw your flight over.

    And if you think it really sucks .. why do you keep flying with them ? I mean that if you hate their services use a national charter.

    Cheers !

  3. Baktash says:


    just stop crying and using this airline. You runing this website and crying around like a little child that you are right and not WIzz Air…

    If everything in this airline is so fucked up, I would stop using it. And don’t say it is the only possible way to go to your destinations. There are always more options.

    And if you want better service, just use an traditional airline. Of course you have to pay more and of course you don’t want to pay more, but if you can count one and one together, you should know that you don’t have to expect much.

    People like you are always claiming about every shit you can but you are sthe first still buying tickets for this airline. Because you won’t or cant buy tickets are more expensive so you are addicted to this airline like the airline is addicted to customers like you.

    So if you want to fly in the future for prices like this just get a life and stop doing things like that. Because you are the first person which will cry when this airline shout close.

    I like airlines like this, they work and opperate for little money and people can fly cheaper than to drive with the coach or the car, so I use them often. And if they cancell a flight or it is delated, I know it could happen because it is low cost and they work always on their limit for that amaout I paid.

    Normally, if you look what coasts they have and what a flight from traditional airline coasts, we can be happy to have the chance.

    But people like you think that you know everything…always the clever and smart guy…but for real a crying child.

  4. Dan says:

    basically you’re a dick! what a STUPID website, get over yourself. Stop whining.

    • Dan says:

      This website was obviously started by jews!

      • Dan says:

        i find it funny actually, how you’ve probably spent so much time to create this website and you’re not actually benefiting from it what so ever.. most of the people dont agree with you, and share the same opinion as i do. That you’re a dick. :)

  5. Please can someone let me know an email address to wizz air?

  6. aoife says:

    If the service is as bad as you say, then why exactly do you continue to fly with them and give repeat business???

    • Jeff says:

      Look Adolf, this is a support group for people who have been stranded by Wizzair or somehow abused. If you had a good experience I highly recommend you apply for a job with them. In either case, this website is not for you. You are not welcome. Leave!

      • Jak says:

        Firstly HER name is Aoife not Adolf.

        Secondly, she has a point. Use a different airline. Nobody makes you fly WizzAir. If enough people think like this then they will go bankrupt!

        By the way…a support group?? Seriously? If you need a support group after bad customer service then you must find life though!!

      • Anonymous says:

        You are a tit wank rat fucker. Not doing anything for your own amusement while you watched a travel accident unfold when you could have shows that you are cynical sick fuck who should be fucked out of civilized society into a super max facility where your arse would be reamed daily by all the inmates

  7. Doug says:

    Having used Wizzair, with no issues whatsoever, I can’t help but come back occasionaly and amuse myself at the complaining by people who consistantly use the airline. Go and bloody fly with someone else if it’s that bad. Also, some of the unbelievably stupid questions people ask make me wonder it they should be trusted to travel on their own in any case.

  8. Doug says:

    Jeff, you misunderstand. I too have bad experiences with budget airlines in the past, just so happens it wasn’t wizzair, flights cancelled with no notice for instance. You accept this may happen on budget airlines, unfortunate as it is, but you are paying tiny fares in comparison to other airlines. There is no point get all frothy and angry and hoping an airlines goes bust, people lose their jobes, etc. You get up, dust yourself down, and get on with it. Incidentally there appears to be another user named Doug posting comments that are nothing to do with me.

  9. Anonymous says:

    For me, it is like this. I made an reservation on two different names. On second day I received an confirmation on two tickets both on the same name. Try to change it via customer service. And they say it: You have to pay 80 euro for this. On the phone that lady tell me that all will tell me the same .. You need to pay. So those are the new tricks in town to take extra money? You feel very frustrated wen it is happening to you. Wen it is not happening it is easy to give advices (I will do like this like that ..bla bla ) I wish to all to have an experience wen: you are not doing anything wrong, but will be wrong. and You need to pay. Wen an company has this kind of “services”. That one it is not an company. It is a bad joke..

  10. Antoniu says:

    For me, it is like this. I made an reservation on two different names. On second day I received an confirmation on two tickets both on the same name. Try to change it via customer service. And they say it: You have to pay 80 euro for this. On the phone that lady tell me that all will tell me the same .. You need to pay. So those are the new tricks in town to take extra money? You feel very frustrated wen it is happening to you. Wen it is not happening it is easy to give advices (I will do like this like that ..bla bla ) I wish to all to have an experience wen: you are not doing anything wrong, but will be wrong. and You need to pay. Wen an company has this kind of “services”. That one it is not an company. It is a bad joke..

  11. Cego says:

    Daca tot vrei conditii si chestii de genul, de ce zbori cu wizz air frate ? dute cumparati bilet la british, tarom, lufthansa. Tu vrei sa dai si £70 pe bilet si sa ai si conditii de lux. Si cu sula in cur si cu sufletul in rai, nu se poate i am afraid !

    • cami says:

      daca esti curios sa compari putin preturile de la wizz si british, vei fi surprins sa constati ca diferenta este foarte mica sau chiar inexistenta in unele cazuri…!! eu am zburat cu wizz in repetare randuri, tocmai deoarece consideram ca este cea mai ieftina varianta pt ruta londra-budapesta, asta pana cand m-am enervat la culme dupa cateva experiente in care wizz a avut 5-6 ore delays (am fost norocoasa ca nu s-a anulat!!), si atunci am incercat british. am ramas uimita sa vad ca diferenta de pret este nesemnificativa, insa serviciile nu se compara!!! deci, ce concluzie putem trage de aici?? eu cu siguranta nu voi mai zbura cu wizz ever again, am ramas cu un gust ff amar dupa ce am asteptat in aeroport atatea ore, si nu o singura data!!!!

  12. joske says:

    I completely agree with “not a wizzair worker”‘s comments above. If you want good customer service, and a nice stewardess to hold your hand and be friendly, fly with the regular airlines. Try and calculate what you would have paid for all those tickets, if you had flown with a “decent” airline.

    The basis for these low cost companies are simple : NO service. If you want service, you pay extra.

    I’ve been flying a lot with Ryan Air and Wizz Air for the last couple of years, and I prefer Wizz Air above Ryan Air. A lot!

    If my flight to the other side of Europe is costing me less than 50 euro, I’m not bitching about anything. Fuck delays, fuck bad service, fuck unhappy customers. I’m saving a lot of money thanks to Wizzair! And if 1 out of 10 flights go wrong, so be it … I saved out 9 out of 10 times.

    • Geehawk says:

      Well said Joske.all the fat ingrate turd burglars who complain are missing the most obvious point that cheap air travel means less hand holding from stressed out attendants on the ground and in the air. having to deal with rat wankers who complain all day long but secretly would have it no other way wastes time and costs those passengers who want cheap fares. You can bet that those wank stains would cry their eyes out if wizz was not around. Fuck them I say and fuck all the begrudgers.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Stop using it then, dick!

  14. Darren Greenwood says:

    I have booked to go to Vilnius with Wizzair next weekend.
    However, I probably won’t be able to travel.
    Now, I am looking at cancelling.
    Since I only paid 50-odd pounds for the return flughts from Doncaster, I am not expecting a refund.
    Now, there is now way they can charge me more for cancelling my flights. Is there?
    Just reading some of the tales has got me concerned.
    I would ring them and cancel but who wants to pay a quid a minute!

    • Lol says:

      The same happened to me, I booked a flight and could not go on that day. So I decided to write them an e-mail and try get a refund based on “voluntary cancellation” policy, but the answer was……

      “According to our general Conditions of carriage 6.5.1. You may cancel your reservation up to the fourteenth (14th) day prior to the scheduled time of departure of your Flight. You will be entitled to a refund of the Total Fare after deduction of the Cancellation Fee. If you cancel your reservation within fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled time of departure of your Flight, you will be refunded the amount of the Total Fare after deduction of the Fee for Other Services and the Seat Protection Fee.

      Based on this, your full ticket price was 49.98 EUR. We have to deduct the Fee for Other Services (Bank Transfer Fee – 10.00 EUR) and the Seat Protection Fee (80.00 EUR/person/flight). You are entitled to the refund, but unfortunately we can not pay back anything, because it would be together -120.02 EUR.”

      LOL. But of course they didn’t ask me to pay.

    • Goerge says:

      Darren, have you tried to cancel or reschedule using the website?

      I haven’t done it yet, but I saw it is possible in theory. You will be charged somewhat I don’t know exactly.

      However it might be better just to get another ticket!

      Their website is SHIT! The whole company is shit, but we still fly with them because they are cheap!

      We are also encourage them to be crap, since we fly with them!

      PS: I love what “NOT a wizzair worker” said, mate you are perfectly right!!!

  15. Goerge says:

    I had problems with WizzAir as well, I have paid for the ticket using bank transfer & I forgot to give them the reservation ID. It was my fault I admit it! But, I was on the phone waiting to get through for an HOUR!!! For a thing that took them 5 minutes to sort out!
    This is outrageous!!! And it is against any trading policies! They should be sued for all this because it is ILEGAL what they are doing!!!

    I understand that I shouldn’t fly with them, I will try to find alternative routes, but they were amongst the few companies that fly to Timisoara from London also the price was half or less that what I would have paid if would have flown with British Airways or Malev. This is why I made the compromise!
    I will try not to fly with them anymore! They are disgraceful, and give a bad name to the flying industry! There are better ways to fly than with Wizz!
    However, if the price of the ticket is low, it does not have to mean that the customer has to be robbed!

  16. Burak Jebany says:

    I just wonder how stupid someone can be. 33 flights with a company which he hates because he thinks they have bad service and/or are to expensive…

    Take a fucking bicycle next time before you waste you energy and time to run a stpid website like this…

    I found this because some stupid idiot posted a link on the wizz air page on facebook.

    I think you have too much time. If so, take your bike and drive! It’s cheaper, you are you own “customer service” and you will reach you destination for sure, just stop complaning and crying and wasting your time here hahahahaha

    I can’t believe…..try to get a life….

  17. MR R says:

    this is literally the stupidest thing i have ever read! Why didnt you ask at a wizz air ticket desk at Cluj if the flight was going to be returning to a different airport! or found out if cluj airport was going to be having maintinence at that time. They only move the airport when they are unable to land there… :S

  18. Magyar Csaba says:

    “The positive comments supporting wizz are a bit suspicious to me” Really? Why? Because not all of us are whiners and have nothing better to do than write rubbish about an airline that most people have no problems with?

    I have been flying with Wizzair for years, and also with other airlines. All my worst experiences were with jet2 and Ryanair.

    So what exactly is your point? Are you trying to say other airlines are perfect? Well, they are not. Get over it for goodness sake.

    As I have said before, the only thing here that sucks is actually this site! Anyone could make a site about any airline and only talk about the bad experiences.

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  21. someone says:

    In conclusion, fucking stop flying to Luton. It seems that most (if not all, I am not sure) cases happen at Luton airport and are mainly targeted at poles. I flew with them from Cluj to Eindhoven last month and I knew what to expect. I checked 5 times before entering my data on the ticket, when buying and checking in, showed up on time, with the bag smaller with 5 cm on each side (just to be sure) and nothing went wrong. The point is, if you follow their “rules” and you’re careful at what you’re doing when buying your ticket, you’ll be fine. And before you jump on my head saying I work for wizzair or that I’m kissing their ass, I am aware that poles are discriminated by the Luton staff. What do you expect? they are hungarians. Deal with it

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