// May 5th, 2009 //


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  1. Shenaj says:

    I still cant believe in this century such a flying company like wizzair exists, I m not yet out of shock of what I went through today in Eindhoven Airport :(

  2. Shenaj says:

    Ohhhh forgot to add they also have psychologically disordered staff

  3. Nigel says:

    Since they changed their flight staff from Polish to Bulgarian (on Wizzaehhh Ukraine) The level of service on the flights has gone down markedly. The flight attendants are surly and unhelpful. And they certainly don’t like to be compared to their Polish predecessors!

  4. marta says:

    f.ck wizzair! Never again! The swines robbed me of 70 quid because my luggage was a few centimetres too big ! I’m back from Hungary to Luton. Hungary has nice scenery and weather, but the rude, surly people at the airport, and the horrible experience with Wizzair spoilt it all…. Shame . I will never ever go to Hungary again, and NEVER use the bloody Wizzair. THIEVES.

    • Shuffler says:

      Marta please read the terms and conditions next time you travel. Don’t blame Wizz air for your failings and please enough of the bad language. Writing f.ck is crass and not worthy of a female.

  5. Kat says:

    A nightmare! I just returned from Budapest to Luton. Thank God I’m in a civilised country again. Never ever will I use Wizzair or go to Hungary. The only good points were the nice scenery at Balaton, and the weather. However, the extremely rude airport workers at Liszt Ferenc airport, and the Wizzair thieves who, on top of the 200 pounds plane ticket (sic!) robbed me of 70 pounds for forgetting to print out my boarding pass and my luggage being literally a few centimetres too big to pass as ‘small’…. Shame. Also,they classified their own Hungarian tomato sauce as dangerous and stole it from me…. It was an innocent Hungarian sauce from Tesco…The rude custom officers told me : ‘Liquid. Garbage’. So I chucked it in the bin… bet the hogs take it out and eat it with some letcho… pigs.
    Hungarian tomato sauce – don’t buy, it, Osama Bin Laden. Fucking idiots!

    Never ever any Hungary or Wizzair anymore. Had enough!

    • Voice of reason says:

      Kat – you are trying to come across as someone with a genuine grievance against Wizz Air. (1)Luggage too big (2) no boarding pass (3)liquid over 100 mls. Amazing that you are trying to blame a low cost airline that provides a fantastic service when the truth is you are a fuck wit who has not read the terms and conditions together with no knowledge of standard practice at airport security the world over. Breathtaking stupidity. You deserve to pay high fares – enjoy yourself.

  6. This is a great site….thank you for inventing it…..but it’s a shame it has to be like this….just horrible. Can anyone tell me if it is actually possible to upgrade from small to large and pay online the carry on luggage tariff after the initial payment for the ticket is made? Wizzair do NOT seem to give any claer indication or link to where and at what process this can be done. I dare not check in online yet and get the boarding pass as I will have to possible pay an even greater amount when I get to the airport….any ideas anyone??



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