Wizzair pilot advises unhappy wizzair customer to use Wizzairsucks.com!

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Letter from a Wizzairsucks patron and former wizzair customer tells how he found our site from a Wizzair pilot!!!  Read on:

hi team-

well obviously I;m not alone. even the Pilot told me to chk out the site! when I asked him how to get paid back for the attached,-

read on with patience brothers…

to Wizz

show details 3 Nov (10 days ago)

dear Pola,-
thanks for replying. However, this seems unacceptable to me. as a frequent business flyer -and also having booked 4? or 5? flights on Wizzair since August
for myself /girlfriend/ aunt, I would appreciate some flexibility in my case.

I followed the advice on the website and from 3 personnel (names on file) I also spoke to Budapest, Warsaw, London (with great difficulty and phone expense).

before my Passport was stolen, I was advised by my Dr. in Italy, he would have preferred I didn’t travel due to flu like symptoms and Swine flu fears. but I had business meetings in Warsaw and Lodz and never cancel responsibilities unless there’s no choice. like losing a Passport.

Dr. Brede will provide letters if needed when I return to Italy-

however, because my Passport was stolen anyway, it was impossible to
travel with or without illness.

I also needed to change K6FHLX Warsaw – London to 29/10. and because
of your email I was so disappointed I didn’t even call Budapest again.

Now I am back in UK I have had time to write to you once more. I’d appreciate SOME kind of reimbursement in these unusual circumstances. I have all the documents, Police report, British Consulate, FedEX delivery etc. and if needed I will provide Dr’s letter. if it’s easier to pursue a sickness claim.

original fare 100 or so.
I estimate the flights changes cost 30 x 2.
plus the difference in fares 120 or so.
plus latest flight 120 to London one way. plus 3 x 10 euro phone cards to chase Wizzair office. (96 cents a minute!!!)

so total approx; 430 EUROS. for a ‘low budget’ airline seat in off season. (all exact fees on file)

because I had to move the meetings Wizzair planes were flying with
EMPTY SEATS around Europe that I’d paid for. haha.

Yes, it IS funny,-
BUT it’s also crazy. please take it up with your Customer Relations SUPERVISOR if needed and see if we can come to some arrangement.

I am a Writer and Journalist and I like Wizzair. I’d appreciate some good news instead of adding to horror stories on ‘Wizzairsucks.com’ websites.

PR Crompton

p.s. the Pilot of the Warsaw-Luton Flight 29/10 told me Agata Stadek could help me at Luton but…she was not available.

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