Truly frightened

// November 17th, 2009 // frontpage

Me and my wife spent 8 hours in Budapest Airport the 16th of November 2009 with absolutely no information from Wizz Air or any other airport authority. My airplane to Malmö was delayed continuously for 30 min. and 1 hour at the time all day. The Wizz Air representative left the gate for for the last 3 hours, and the passengeres couldn’t get in contact with anyone from the company. Two persons had the flue, and needed medical attention after appr. 6 hours sitting in the airport. They got medical attention through contact with security personal. Wizz Air gave this no attention. Two representatives came at one point and gave us 4 € vouchers for refreshments. For this amount we could choose a small sandwich or something to drink (not both).
All air companies can be delayed, but this total lack of information and responsibility for passengers has truly frightened us. This is surely the last time me and my family will ever use this horrible  company.

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