Ryanair Wins!

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During our “Official” Awards ceremony this weekend, held in Geneva.  The World renowned Contest for “Worst Euro-Budget Airline” in the Universe has ended.  We collected over 256 x 10e^27 votes from voters as far reaching as Pago Pago, the Sudan, the Isle of Man, North Korea, East Timor, Tahiti, and the Galapagos Islands!

As a tribute to the fairness and integrity of this site and it’s founders, all it’s contributors, editors, and lengthy editorial staff… we sadly must announce that our contest for the “Worst Euro-Budget Airline” (2009) is over and Wizzair lost…

The award goes to Ryanair!  Disappointing but true.   Ryanair got 100 suck votes to Wizzair’s 92! We can only conclude that despite their best efforts to pervert customer service and manipulate the goodness out of the once illustrious act of jet setting… Wizzair still sucks less (slightly) than Ryanair.

And so it is with great sadness to present Wizzair with the Runner-up award for:


Thanks to all those who participated, including those 12+ Hungarian IP addresses that all clicked to Ryanair within 2 days…

We know we can count on getting as much participation for our next Poll… “What’s in a Name” to pick our new domain name should we lose our ongoing legal arbitration with Wizzair’s crack WizzTeam of lawyers for OUR domain WIZZAIRSUCKS.com

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